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Visionary Global Impact

Global Funding

Kadelco helps turn your project vision into reality.

Kadelco takes a long-term visionary approach to assessing your project’s needs, allowing time for your vision to realise its potential and drive real impact. Real impact both in terms of the economic growth and macro changes to people and the environment that will occur over the lifetime of the project.

This global holistic approach allows Kadelco to assess the true risk of the project valuing the net affects of the project across the entire value chain and in turn lowering the overall risk in order complete your project.

While we consider all projects, our focus is on solving global challenges, specifically those that build economic growth, drive sustainable development and are innovative, typical projects that attract our interest include:

Infrastructure projects: Rail, ports, power stations, hospitals

  • Innovation: Hydrogen, fuel cell technology, robotics, AI
  • Construction: Industrial, residential, commercial
  • Environment: Solar, wind, clean waste disposal
  • Sustainable mining
  • Agriculture

Kadelco prides itself on helping you deliver global Impact that will help you build visionary change to lives, environment and community for many years to come.